Beneficial Nematodes

“When released into the soil, nematodes seek out the larvae and pupae of susceptible pests by sensing the heat and carbon dioxide they generate. They enter pests through various orifices or directly through the “skin.” Once inside the host, they release a bacterium that kills it within a day or two. They will continue to feed on the remains, multiplying as they do, before exhausting it and leaving to seek another food source…”

Lessons from Baby Jesus

We attempted to build a winter pile named, Baby Jesus… long story. We used llama manure, hay, wood chips, and leaves. The pile had  gotten very hot!

DSCN0839 However, did not stay hot for 15 days or made 5 turns within the time span. BUMMER! We’ll just have to try again. After the attempt I realized that I should of used 25% high nitrogen instead of 20% high nitrogen. The cold winter is teaching this Texan some things for sure.

1. It’s very cold and it is tricky to keep the pile hot enough for  certain span of time.

2. If you are wanting something, you really gotta slow down, observe, and  understand what is going on (very humbling).

3. I can not expect to be perfect, EVER! Just keep trying again and again!