Cover your Earth. Period.

The Mother does not like to be naked. How would you feel if you were hanging out on a beach, dressed in your swimsuit with a pina colada, then all of a sudden a snow blizzard came blowing through on your beach day? Okay, so that is a bit extreme, but it is essentially what happens to the creatures that live in the soil when we do not cover it.

The Earth begs for her protection by covering herself with “weeds”, so do her a favor, either keep the weeds there or cover her with cover crops, wood chips, straw, lawn clippings, cardboard, or any other organic woody materials. DO NOT put down gardeners plastics or anything of the such. The Earth is alive, it has to breathe too.

Stay conscious and Happy Autumn!!!


Oh yeah, check out my babies (their soil is covered with the leftovers of sugar cane called bagasse).

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Yes, trees do communicate.

We destroy what we do not understand. It is time to recognize this and educate ourselves about the world around us. Trees communicate with each other underground through the intelligent network of mycelium. Fungi is very important in our soils, and by watching this video you will recognize this as well.

You see what is hidden is not “bad” 😉

Check out this video with love and care. ❤


What are the benefits of healthy soil?

1. Nutrient Cycling
2. Water Retention
3. Disease Suppression
4. Soil Structure (to create aeration)
6. Maintains Plant health with out your help
7. Increases Carbon Sequester
8. Less Heavy Chores
9. Soft Soil
10. Happy Family, Happy Community, Happy Nation, Happy World!

Because we are not being control freaks and letting nature do what it does best!
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