Beneficial Nematodes

“When released into the soil, nematodes seek out the larvae and pupae of susceptible pests by sensing the heat and carbon dioxide they generate. They enter pests through various orifices or directly through the “skin.” Once inside the host, they release a bacterium that kills it within a day or two. They will continue to feed on the remains, multiplying as they do, before exhausting it and leaving to seek another food source…”

Cover your Earth. Period.

The Mother does not like to be naked. How would you feel if you were hanging out on a beach, dressed in your swimsuit with a pina colada, then all of a sudden a snow blizzard came blowing through on your beach day? Okay, so that is a bit extreme, but it is essentially what happens to the creatures that live in the soil when we do not cover it.

The Earth begs for her protection by covering herself with “weeds”, so do her a favor, either keep the weeds there or cover her with cover crops, wood chips, straw, lawn clippings, cardboard, or any other organic woody materials. DO NOT put down gardeners plastics or anything of the such. The Earth is alive, it has to breathe too.

Stay conscious and Happy Autumn!!!


Oh yeah, check out my babies (their soil is covered with the leftovers of sugar cane called bagasse).

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The difference between compost, compost tea, and extract

What is compost?
Compost is the end product of decomposed organic matter that is aerobic and full of active beneficial soil microorganisms.

What is compost tea?
Compost tea is soil microorganisms extracted from compost into a continually oxygenated water process with added foods to proliferate appropriate beneficial soil microbiology for 24-48 hrs.

**If well aerated, must be used within 4-6 hours.

What is compost extract ?
Compost extract is soil microorganisms extracted from compost into water.
**Must be used within 2-4 hours

Different methods of composting are static, vermi, and thermal.

Red Buds Project: Nature’s way of healing

Early April I had accepted to do a compost tea application service for my schools Red Buds trees. The transitions are astounding! I still can not believe my eyes from the microscope to the pictures that I take of the trees, I see the transitions that are clearly taking place. This work continues to amaze me!

Before 1st Application: 11255132_10205745203721923_449703106_n

After 1st Application: 2 weeks 4657486

Why did I choose soil as my profession?

My awareness of the world has been clearer to me than it has ever been before, thanks to a little town called Fairfield, IA. However, before Fairfield I lived in Clute, TX, a town that was full of passionless people that often lived each day to get a paycheck, go home watch T.V., complain about life, eat, sleep, and repeat. (I am aware that I have seen a limited  part of the town, but it was my reality). It felt so empty and I knew I had to flee once I had the chance. In January 2013, I had my first chance to leave home and create a new life for myself. I was very happy, excited, yet very frightened of the thought of failing. However, I still went for the plunge and  made my way to Fairfield.  I had been accepted into a very wonderful school named Maharishi University of Management that inhabited passionate, intelligent, and creative individuals; individuals who were actually are concerned about their lives, where they wanted to go, and how they wanted to impact others in an evolutionary way! And then I eventually met Dr. Elaine Ingham, a renowned soil microbiologist. It changed my life and how I viewed it forever! The love for growing food, plants, herbs, etc also increased.  I gained the knowledge on  how to grow plants efficiently and share the  practical knowledge with anyone who desired to learn.

So, back to why did I choose this to be my profession? I want to help others heal themselves through the soil and create an ability for to grow  food that is rich in nutrients, abundantly.