Compost Tea Miracle

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The difference between compost, compost tea, and extract

What is compost?
Compost is the end product of decomposed organic matter that is aerobic and full of active beneficial soil microorganisms.

What is compost tea?
Compost tea is soil microorganisms extracted from compost into a continually oxygenated water process with added foods to proliferate appropriate beneficial soil microbiology for 24-48 hrs.

**If well aerated, must be used within 4-6 hours.

What is compost extract ?
Compost extract is soil microorganisms extracted from compost into water.
**Must be used within 2-4 hours

Different methods of composting are static, vermi, and thermal.

Compost tea were applied to these plants and now I present to you two weeks later!

Palm TreePalm 2 weeks Notice how vibrant and green it is now!

Palm more than 2 weeks This is the transition of my Palm tree more than 2 weeks later. Notice it is more fuller and is still putting out new leaves. ❤

A Few weeks later:Palms

Orange TreeOrangeee 2 weeks Notice how vibrant green and larger the leaves are now !

Orangee more than 2 weeksThis is the transition of my Orangee tree. It has been more than 2 weeks, notice the new growth and the large leaves are still vibrant and strong.

A few weeks later: WOWZERS Orange

Peace LilyPalm treee 2 weeks Notice the leaves are now a deeper green and wider drip line! Peace lily more than 2 weeks Peace Lily more than 2 weeks later. Notice more leaves are coming in and a second flower is showing up. (you may not see the second flower)

A few weeks later Lily

Compost tea is amazing!