Too Much Coffee + Worms = Tears

I did an embarrassing thing last week. I added waaaay too many coffee grounds to my worm bin and suffered the consequences alongside my poor misshapen worms. Okay, so I didn’t suffer as much as my worms did, but it brought me to tears. My worms’ bodies were bulbous on one end and super thin on the other while their insides oozed onto my hands. It was traumatizing!!!!! I watched this happen and felt so hopeless. Here I was, comfortable in air-conditioning with an ability to get outside when I got tired of it. My worms, on the other hand, were weakened in a SUPER acidic bin with no way to crawl out. They instead burrowed deeper into the bin and wrapped around each other to stay alive. UGH D: I may have lost half of my worms. I am not sure yet.

I tried to remedy this problem by adding crushed egg shells and grass clippings, hoping to lower the pH.

Folks, if you drink a lot of coffee, be cautious of the amount of coffee grounds you give to your worm bin… it could turn ugly quickly.

Hopefully, I’ll still have some worms left over. Is that how survival of the fittest works? LOL GAHH! D:




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