Yes, trees do communicate.

We destroy what we do not understand. It is time to recognize this and educate ourselves about the world around us. Trees communicate with each other underground through the intelligent network of mycelium. Fungi is very important in our soils, and by watching this video you will recognize this as well.

You see what is hidden is not “bad” 😉

Check out this video with love and care. ❤



7 thoughts on “Yes, trees do communicate.

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  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful post on trees.. I’ve loved all trees since a wee child looking up in awe and wonderment at these tall structures. As I’ve grown older and paid more attention to a trees roots structure and just recently had to have my beloved Birch tree cut down due to it ready to collapse onto my neighbors wooden shed. (I’ve continued to share with this tree as it is now the foundation to 5 permaculture beds) I noticed the roots when digging the placements for the beds crawled along toward the other trees in my yard, almost if they could talk in harmony… I’m re blogging this post of yours to help spread the word about natures lovely and diverse trees…

      • latoyacrick, I shall always be who I am with my love for trees. I just wish my property were larger to accommodate many more.. I’ve started over a dozen maple trees that I’ll plant a few and let the others grow a bit larger and then give away to folks in my neighborhood or take a stroll in the forest and plant them there.. Have a wonderful week. Take care from, Laura

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