This have been on my mind

  1. Cocktail Cover-crops
  2. Permaculture
  3. Community gardens in foreign lands.

My heart and mind has been exploring many different grounds lately, and I found myself contemplating on what I should do next. I am now on “break” from composting since it is winter in Fairfield, IA, and I didn’t plan on building piles during the winter since I am in much need to catch up on rest and take time for myself. But, little did I expect my mind would be still racing and trying to accumulate more knowledge about my passion. Questions pop  up such as, ” How can I be more of service,” “How can I build soil health- beyond compost products,” and “Who should I join forces with?”

Well ever since I was a young girl, I always wanted to explore and see the world and somehow be of service to beautiful, thoughtful people that I will come in contact with and gain knowledge from them.

So now here I am with five words.

Cocktail cover-crops, Permaculture, and Foreign lands. Lets see where this takes me!


BTW, if you have not read, The soil will save us, by Kristin Ohlson, I recommend that you do. She goes over the benefits of planting cocktail cover-crops and other success stories of innovative farmers, who are realizing soil is not inert but alive and embodies living organisms.


Cheers! 🙂  ❤

Love and Light,

LaToya M. Crick




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